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Where do I put the code tags in a framed site?
If you have frames in your website, you need to treat different types of pages differently. However, the code tags you use will be the same, whether or not you have frames. The page that contains the frameset definition and the navigation frames (headers, footers, menus, etc.) should not have any WebSTAT code on it. Only the content frames should have the code tags in them. A more in depth explanation follows.

Understanding your source code
Once you are looking at the source code, look for references to <frameset> code tags. If you see them, then you are using frames. Here's an example HTML source of page that is using frames:
  <title>My WebSite</title>
 <frameset rows="93,*">
  <frame name="top" src="/top.html" target="content">
  <frameset cols="184,*">
   <frame name="left" src="/left-navigation.html" target="content">
   <frame name="content" src="/maincontent.htm" target="content">
    <p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p>

This page only lays out the frames and defines which web page goes in which frame. As mentioned earlier, this web page does not get the WebSTAT code tags. Each of the <frame> code tags defines a frame and tells which web page goes in that frame. In this example, top.html, left-navigation.html, and maincontent.htm are all different pages inside different frames. In this example, the frames are named top, left and content. Since the target of the other frames is the content frame, this is the content page and should be get the WebSTAT code tags. Other content frames will be linked to, probably with the navigation bar and should also have the code tags. The other two frames, top and left, are therefore navigation pages. It is recommended that these do not get any WebSTAT code tags.

Note: If you have used WebSTAT in the past, when we had separate code tags for framed pages, you do not need to change these code tags. In upgrading our code tags, we have made sure that the old code tags are still compatible.

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