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How do I know if I am using frames?
The first way to determine if you are using frames is to look at the source of your web page. The source is the HTML code that your website is loaded from. If you see anything that says "frameset" or "frame", then you are using frames.

If you are using a program to develop your code, such as FrontPage or DreamWeaver, make sure you are looking at the HTML code and not the Design or Preview. Different programs have different ways to see the HTML code. The most common is a tab at the bottom that says “Code”, “HTML”, or “Source.” Click on that tab. Another common way is go to the “View” menu at the top of the screen and select “View Code” or “View Source”.

If you do not have the source code, go to the main page of the web site in question and view the page source of that main page. This can be done in most browsers by going to “View” menu at the top of your browser and selecting “Source” or “Page Source”. The page source of the web site will open in a new window.

A second way is to simply look at your browser’s address bar as you click on links in your site. First, go to the main url of your web site. Next, click on links to open up other pages. While doing this, if your browsers address bar stays exactly the same each time you visit a new web page, then you are using frames.

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