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What does it mean when my report shows “No referrer”?
"No Referral" means WebSTAT was not able to track the referring page to your web page. Usually this means that a person goes directly to your site without following a link. This visitor either had your web page bookmarked or typed your web site's url into the address bar. In these cases, there is no referrer.

The referral has to be a web site. If they follow a link in an email, we will not report that link unless they view their email online. If you are using email campaigns, it is suggested that you use Campaign Tracking to track emails.

Other times, it may be a problem with the JavaScript. We get our information about referrers from JavaScript. If a visitor has disabled JavaScript or for some reason the JavaScript does not get past the visitor's firewall, WebSTAT will not get the referral information. (There is a report under the Visitor Profiles menu that shows the different JavaScript Versions your visitors have.)

Occasionally, your visitors will go to another site that will redirect them to your site without running the JavaScript. If the site doesn’t run the JavaScript, we can’t get the referral information so the visitor is reported as having "No referrer".

If your website never gets referrers, you might want to check some things

Are your code tags exactly like the ones we gave you?
A loss of referral information usually comes from the code tags being altered after we have given them to you. The easiest way to test this is to take out all the old code tags and put new ones in. This will solve the problem 9 times out of 10.

Does your website redirect within itself?
If this is the case, your website won't catch the true referrer. In essense, you are referrering yourself, since your domain was the last one visited before going to your site.

Does every page have our code tags?
We get the referrer information from our code tags. If one page doesn't have our code tags, then we can't find the referrer to that page.

Do you use frames?
Make sure that you have installed the code tags correctly in framed sites. For more information on how to insert code with framed sites, see Where do I put the code tags in a framed site?

Note: "No referrer" means the same as "Direct Link" and "Bookmarked"

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