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Changing the Way URLs are Shown on My Report
You can change the way URLs are shown on your report by going to “Report Options". The second prompt says, “URL Display”. You can then choose to show (1)the fully qualified URL path, (2)the URL stripped of 'http://www.' or (3)the URL stripped of tracked domains.

1. The fully qualified URL path is the actual address of the webpage (e.g. "").

2. If you strip the URL of 'http://www.', it will be more concise and only show the domain and page (e.g. Most domains are set up to allow the domain name with or without the www. For example, "" and "", will both be listed under “”

3. The tracked domains are the domains that you have specified to track. Before setting this up, you need to specify the domain you want tracked.

In this example, the domain would be When you view this page in your reports, it would only show the web page (e.g. /mywebpage.htm). If you have the same web page under different domains, it would also show up together. For example, if you have "" and "", both would show up as /index.htm. If you other page is just a clone, then this might be advantageous.

You can also configure the report to use the HTML titles instead of the URL for tracking. This option is found under the Tracking options. This is not retroactive. It does not change the previous page views to show the HTML Title.

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