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Visitor Paths
This report can help you determine the most popular paths your visitors take through your website. This can be useful information for webmasters needing to improve the flow of traffic through the site. The URLs appearing in green text signify the visitors’ entry pages. The URLs appearing in red text are the pages from which your visitors exited the website. The grey URLs in between depict the paths your visitors took after they entered the site and before they left it. If there is only one green link, with no grey or red, it is most likely the result of someone visiting one page and then clicking on a back button to a previous website or closing their browser. In that situation, WebSTAT cannot know the exit page or provide a path. If your site uses dynamically generated web pages the Visitor Paths Report will often display them as the same URL multiple times in a row. There is not much WebSTAT can do to prevent this since the URL does not change. If you really need to know the identity of each dynamically generated page, you might try experimenting with “Page Naming” as described in our FAQ.

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