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Where inbetween the body tags do I place the code tags?
This is really up to you. If you are displaying a counter or an icon, wherever you place the code tags is where the counter or icon will show up.

We only record a hit when our code tags are loaded on the page. If a customer switches pages before loading our code tags, then we will not record the hit. If you are worried about accuracy, you should place the code tags right after the opening body tag <body>.

Our code tags do not load instantaneously. There is a slight delay in loading time. If you are worried about the loading time of your site, place the code tags toward the bottom of the page. This has the added benefit that if anything should ever happened to our servers, your page will completely load before waiting for our code tags.

Despite the fact that we monitor our servers VERY closely (we are instantly paged if our server loads have any problems or exceed a defined limit we set for them and we immediately add more hardware to the cluster to compensate) we are not exempt from imperfection and problems that are beyond our control have been known to bother us from time to time. If this happens and the code tags are near the top of the page, your visitors may experience a wait (until their browser times out on the loading of the code tags) before it loads and displays the rest of your page. We do everything in our power to prevent problems like this, and they have become very few and far between, but the possibilities still exist.

Either way it doesn't make much of a difference. The difference in speed and accuracy is slight, but still there. If you are more concerned with accuracy, place them towards the top. If you are more concerned with loading speed, place them towards the bottom. The decision is up to you.

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