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Calendar Summary Report
This report displays different statistics for the page views, visitors, and unique and returning visitors for the selected month.

The top of the report summarizes:
  • Total Monthly Page Views
  • Total Monthly Visitors
  • Total Monthly Unique Visitors
  • Total Monthly Return Visitors
  • Average Page Views Per Day
  • Average Visitors Per Day
  • Average Return Visitors Per Day
  • Average Unique Visitors Per Day

Below these summarized statistics is a bar graph that graphically displays the number of page views (signified by the blue bars) and visitors (signified by the tan bars) that your site received for each day of the month. This chart helps you to see trends in traffic over the month. If there was an anomoly, such as sudden drop or spike in your website's traffic, it would be easy to spot in this report.

At the bottom of the report, it shows a calendar with the number of page views, visitors, and unique and returning visitors for each day of the selected month. This is how to get exact numbers about the traffic of your reports.

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