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The definition of hits varies extensively in the computer world. To avoid confusion, we do not use the term at all. Here are four different ways that the term hit has been used (not all are used correctly).

- Some people define a hit as every time anything is downloaded off your site. Under this definition, the more stuff that is on your page, the more hits you get every time someone visits your website. This is what Log Analyzers use. We do not track this.

- Another definition of a hit would be every time your page is accessed, including spiders such as "Google". Under this definition, you could have several hits without a live person ever viewing your site. We consider this statistics to be uninformative and do not use it.

- You could define hit as any time your web page is actually downloaded and seen on someone else's browser. (This definition does not include spiders.) To avoid confusion, we have defined this term as page views.

- A hit could also be the number of people that have viewed you site. We have termed this definition as visitors. One visitor could have several page views.

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