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Setting Up a Custom Page Name
You can customize your websites name instead of using the URL or page name. If you would rather track a page by a different name, you could specify that name by modifying the code tags. If you do not know how to modify the code tags, do not do use this method. To track by a custom name, simply add the following code snippet before the WebSTAT code tags, substituting “Custom Name” for the desired name:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
WS_pn = "Custom Name";

This could be done for just one page, or for all pages. Let's take an example from a real world scenario. Pretend that you own a news site. You are calling a single script which, depending on the query string, outputs a different story:

If you tracked by URL, the query string, ?storyID=53442, would be stripped and only would show up in your reports.

Let’s say that instead you want the page to say “Really Great News Story.” After adding the code snippet, your code will look like this: (the added code snippet is in red)

<!-- BEGIN WebSTAT Activation Code -->
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
WS_pn = "Really Great News Story";
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"
<a href="">
<img SRC="" border="0"
alt="WebSTAT - Free Web Statistics"></a>
<!-- END WebSTAT Activation Code -->

Here, we have a standard set of code tags (minus the account number, represented by the '###' mark), which have been altered so that every time a visitor views a page with these code tags embedded, the entry "Really Great News Story" will show up in your "Visited Pages" report. Copy the additional code into your pages, substitute the entry "Really Great News Story" for your own page's name, and that's all there is to it!

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