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Downloading/exporting/printing reports
Log into WebSTAT and go to the report you would like to download. Next, select the date range you wish to download. Click here to read more on how to select the date range. On the top, right hand corner of the report header, under the date, there are four possible export options: email, printer friendly, PDF document, and Excel spreadsheet.

Send Report to an Email Address
After you click on this button, it will ask you what email address you want to send the report to. Type in the email address and it will send a copy of your report to that email address.

View Printer Friendly Format
This option will show your report formatted to fit on an 8 ½“ x 11“ page. Clicking on this button will open up a separate window, which will give you the option to print the report from there.

View in PDF format
Clicking on this button will open up a separate window that will display the report in PDF format. You must have Adobe Reader® software in order to read it.

View in Excel
You must have Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet application in order view the report in this format. This export option will display your statistics on a spreadsheet to make it easier to re-arrange or manipulate your statistics.

Note: Some reports may not have all the export options available.

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