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How does my Affiliate link work?
Every time someone follows an Affiliate link from your site and signs up, you get credit for their account. When you sign up for an Affiliate program, we can generate a text link or a banner link. You can also create your own link. Here is the text link that we generate with your Affiliate ID substituted for ####:

<a href="">Fast, affordable website statistics!</a>

You can change “Fast, affordable website statistics!” to any text you want. For example, if you wanted to change it to “Statistics from WebSTAT”, you would insert the following into your web page:

<a href=""> Statistics from WebSTAT </a>

You could also insert an image. For example, let’s say you created your own image called webstat_icon.bmp. You would insert the following into your web page:

<a href=""><img src=”webstat_icon.bmp”></a>

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