Pasting the WebSTAT code tags into your page
Article ID: 2
Created On: 22 Dec 2004
Author: Joshua Johanson
Edited On: 20 Jun 2005
Edited By: Joshua Johanson

1. Open up your web page so you can see the HTML code (preferably in a pure text editor like Notepad.)

2. Look for the body tags.

The beginning body tag looks like this: <body>
The closing body tag looks like this: </body>

The closing body tag is the easiest to find, because it usually at the very bottom, whereas the opening body tag is after the header.

3. Paste the code tags somewhere after the opening body tag <body> and before the closing body tag </body>.

After pasting the code tags into your web page, save your web page and upload it to your web site. If you have a Basic account, or you choose to show the counter, you should see just the icon or counter. If you are using invisible tracking, you should not see anything.

If you get a JavaScript error, you probably didn't paste the code tags in it's entirety. Take out the previous code tags and place them in exactly as we give them to you. We cannot guarantee the correct operation of our code tags if they have been altered.