What is the difference between WebSTAT Basic and WebSTAT Premium?
Article ID: 111
Created On: 24 Jan 2005
Author: Joshua Johanson

With WebSTAT Premium, you get several reports and features not available to WebSTAT Basic.

* The biggest difference is the number of reports. Basic gets 10 reports. Premium gets 45 reports. Here is a description of the individual reports.

* Basic only tracks 20,000 page views a month. WebSTAT Premium allows as many page views as you need, but charges for it. (See Pricing)

* Premium includes invisible tracking. You do not have to show anything about WebSTAT on your site. With Basic, you must either show a WebSTAT icon or a WebSTAT counter. You can have a counter with Premium.

* Premium allows you to do Campaign Tracking. This is especially useful if you have pay per clicks.

* Premium allows you to see all past information about visitors. Basic only allows you to see past information about page views.